Futures Trading with a Difference

MindfulTraders.net are set to revolutionise the Future Trading Industry by offering unparalleled services to clients.  This is an outfit created by Professional Prop Traders to help bridge the gap between Retail Trading and Professional Prop Trading set-ups.  The typical retail trader is missing out on some key services and features that helps keep Professional Prop Traders in the business, some of this includes:

  • Top level professional account risk management and monitoring services as standard with Qualified Risk Managers.
  • We can set account level risk limits with position sizes (Clip sizes) for each product that you wish to trade.
  • Lower commissions (Guaranteed) rates in comparison to Retail Broker set-ups.
  • Monthly coaching calls for clients at no extra cost!
  • Access to Professional Trading Platforms such as TT XTrader, CQG, Steller and More

Email: info@mindfultraders.net for more information.

To download our Price Guide for Trading Platforms and Commission Dates please READ THIS GUIDE: